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Links we find useful, and you may too
Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia - The peak body for shiatsu practitioners in Australia. As well as providing information for potential recipients of shiatsu therapy or shiatus teachings across Australia, STAA sees to it that all registered practitioners maintain a consistent and high standard in their practice. STAA also works like any peak body, lobbying, for instance, to see that shiatsu in its various forms is legitimately recognized by government health departments and health insurance companies alike.

Ki 2 Life - An excellent site, practitioner, and practice. As well as offering access to one of Sydney's most outstanding shiatsu practitioners and a lot of clear detailed information on a variety of Eastern practices, Ki2life.com is your gateway to superb Japanese-inspired yoga. Active, direct, rebalancing, and strengthening, ki yoga works in a readily absorbed and enjoyed manner that many yoga modalities don't.

Nature Care College
- based north of Sydney's CBD, for all its foibles Nature Care does offer high quality study in all manner of 'alternative health' practices. Their shiatsu and oriental diagnosis teachers are particularly excellent  :o)

Wrong Diagnosis Dotcom
- very handy online resource if you are experiencing a mixture of symptoms and would like to get a better idea, in Western medical terms, as to what you may be dealing with.

Zen Renaissance
- Zen Ren is both a hub for learning and a centre for healing in Sydney's Bondi Junction. Short courses, certificates, and upcoming events of an Eastern healing flavour can be explored via their website.
Acumedico - An excellent resource for acupuncturists and practitioners/observers of TCM. Highly interactive and constantly updated acupuncture forum run by Shmuel Halevi, a highly skilled and experienced healer and author who currently owns and operates at least two clinics in Israel.

Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute - based in India, so perhaps, unfortunately, more useful as a website than as a physical location. This is the home page for Pattabhi Jois and his academy in Mysore. He is the venerable yogi who ensured not only that this powerful practice would be preserved in its proper form for future generations, but that its practice would spread and grow around the world.

Dalai Lama in Australia - ideal site for the latest information about recent and upcoming visits by His Holiness. Also linking to a substantial catalogue of literature and other worthwhile material related to His Holiness, Tibet, world peace, inner peace, and Buddhism.

Yoga Warehouse - offering some of the best value and variety in yoga-related goods and equipment online in Australia. The highly detailed and complete sequence posters are particularly excellent.