Sydney Mobile Shiatsu

About Sydney Mobile Shiatsu
Currently, I am a solo practitioner. I completed by Diploma of Shiatsu Therapy at Nature Care College in Sydney nearly 8 years ago, and am currently studying Oriental Therapies. Incorporated into my work as a practitioner are the additional healing benefits of Radiance Technique (Level II), and training in the use of auricular acupuncture for detox and addiction.

Radiance Technique amplifies the patient's own body systems during treatment to create a deeper and more relaxing effect than shiatsu alone. Training in the A-NADA protocol for detox acupuncture gives me a broader base of understanding from which to approach treatment, although the practice of detox acupuncture is entirely separated from shiatsu.

By offering a mobile service, my intention is twofold.

Firstly, to provide an excellent service that meets clients treatment needs in a convenient and dependable manner.

Secondly, to introduce more people across Sydney to this seemingly exotic yet simply effective Eastern practice.

Longer term, the aim will be for Sydney Mobile Shiatsu to function as a booking hub, connecting available high-quality practitioners with a growing clientelle and providing on-site clinics capable of providing simultaneous as well as consecutive treatments.