Sydney Mobile Shiatsu

A practical treatment.

With its origins in Chinese medicine and philosophy, shiatsu is all about simplicity. Avoid eating an hour beforehand. Wear loose, comfortable clothing in natural fibres, and you're ready for treatment.

Heating tonics, lotions, and herbs can be added into treatment but are generally used in longer term individual programs.

Holistic and realistic.

Holism, or 'wholism' has real meaning - all things in your life are connected. When treating anybody, this understanding is useful in seeing where their issues may be arising, and also as an approach to treatment.

While relocating to a forest and breathing the air is a good prescription for anybody, it isn't practical advice if you're based in a factory or office building 60+ hours a week.

Just one reason why treatment and recommendations are tailored to suit the real you, rather than the ideal you.
Which comes to you.

Can't get more accessible than that, can you? All that is needed is a clear floor space of at least 9 feet by 8 feet (roughly 3 metres by 2.5 metres) without any through traffic or disruptive noise. Most buildings or homes have such a space in the form of a little-used room, office,  or studio space.


A complete approach.

Pain, imbalance, discomfort and disorder come from a combination of factors in your life. It is more important for the practitioner to treat you, than to treat symptoms.

For example, let's say six people have backpain. One approach might be to tell each one to take a painkiller and get on with their life.

But a better approach would be to consider each individual. Appropriate history-taking and diagnosis might find that:
- Mike sleeps on a bad mattress
- Stephanie has muscular difficulties from hardly sleeping  at all
- Sam sits badly at a computer for six hours a day every day
- Kim was in a car accident six years ago
- Kay has menstrual cramping radiating upward through the back of the hips.

Treating the symptom, rather than the individual, is an unproductive way to go about things. Shiatsu, thankfully, is informed by more than 5000 years of Chinese medicinal philosophy and clients benefit from genuinely individual treatment.
Committed to clients' needs.

Whether you book in for a 30, 60, or 90 minute treatment, you can reasonably expect to feel like you have been worked, and worked well. Shorter treatments may focus deeply on a particular issue, while longer treatments usually work the whole body in a way that most other bodywork does not.

And providing longer term solutions.

Qualified shiatsu practitioners are trained in therapeutic yoga, diet and lifestyle adjustment, and, perhaps most importantly, are flexible in their recommendations based on the clients' circumstances and disposition.

Which helps us to return to the purpose of shiatsu: empowering clients to cultivate and maintain their own wellbeing through better awareness, better balance and, crucially, feeling good.