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Sydney Mobile Shiatsu

Now offering bodywork for pets
Shiatsu is a thorough and powerful form of bodywork, and it has accordingly earned the nickname "lazy yoga".

In treating animals with reiki or shiatsu/acupressure, all that is needed is the quiet use of an area where they are generally comfortable or happy to be.

This may be their bed, your bed, an old coach, etc. If they live with other dogs it is perfectly normal and indeed helpful for them to be present for the treatment. Dogs have a way of calming and soothing each other by their mere presence.
There are a number of excellent courses offering formal certification for animal acupressure and chiropracty. I have not attended any of these.

In working with animals - mainly dogs - I use second degree Radiance (Authentic Reiki). This bodywork adapts to any living being, as it is the subject's own healing which is called into the areas of greatest need. The treating practitioner simply helps to direct and amplify the animal's healing potential.

Using my studies and practise in shiatsu for humans, I am also studying and slowly teaching myself the practise of healing acupressure for dogs. This is a more dynamic approach than reiki and the two different styles integrate well with each other.

In time, I will be better able to apply acupressure and Traditional Chinese theory in diagnosing dogs, but for now I can only refer to intuition and existing diagnoses and owner observations.
Treatment time will vary depending on the size and needs of your dog or other animal.

Pricing is flexible, depending on
- length and number of treatments needed
- any concession you might seek based on usual concessionary factors
- travel time, with Sydney's Inner West being the area where this factor is least prominent.

That said, as a rough guide, single treatments are charged at $20-$40 for 30 - 60 minutes. Multiple treatments work better for the animal and cost roughly $15-$30 per 30 - 60 minute block.

Call 0424 482 969 for bookings and inquiries.