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Shiatsu is a thorough and powerful form of bodywork, and it has accordingly earned the nickname "lazy yoga".

There is no oil, no table, no machinery. You need to provide an isolated area/room - free from draughts, excessive noise and foot traffic - where floor space of roughly 3 metres by 3 metres can be easily cleared. If you are receiving shiatsu treatment, you just need to avoid food and drink for about an hour beforehand, and wear loose-fitting or flexible natural fibres. Generally, cotton tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are easy.

The practitioner lays down a bamboo mat, an organic cotton futon, and gets to work. 
Whether you come for treatment or make a home booking, the benefits of shiatsu are myriad.

Specific benefits of an effective mobile service are obvious if, for example

- your local services are lacking or restricted
- you need to stay close to home
- there are only so few hours in your day
- the nature of your situation limits your own mobility
- you simply prefer the convenience

Generally, if you go to see a shiatsu practitioner for an individual 75 minute treatment, you can expect to pay from $60 to $110.

Private health cover can reduce costs with most funds paying their customers a rebate of $20-25 for each shiatsu treatment.

For treatments in the home, my standard rate for a 75-90 minute visit is currently around $90.

Packages are currently available for clients paying for blocks of treatment in advance.

For full detail of pricing and package ideas, please go here.