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Sustaining a particular kind of activity, or inactivity, over days and weeks (let alone months and years) will produce pockets of imbalance in anybody (any body). Unless you rebalance in your own way - with sport, exercise, stretching, martial arts, yoga, etc. - then you can expect these areas, which are usually weak, sore, or tired, to dig in for the long haul.

Shiatsu is a thorough and powerful form of bodywork, and it has accordingly earned the nickname "lazy yoga". So whether your shoulders and neck are tight from computer-worship, your back stiff from heavy lifting, your head pounding from endless planning, or your legs sore from hours spent running around serving your own clients, shiatsu can make a big difference to you and your staff.

No oil, no tables, no machines. You need to provide clear floor space of roughly 3 metres by 3 metres in an isolated area free from draughts, excessive noise and foot traffic. People receiving shiatsu treatment just need to avoid food and drink for about an hour beforehand, and wear loose-fitting natural fibres. Generally, cotton tracksuit pants and a t-shirt are easy.

The practitioner lays down a bamboo mat, an organic cotton futon, and gets to work. Depending on the types of treatment booked, 30, 40, 60, or 80 minutes later, the first relaxed and rejuvenated staff member should be sending a colleague in for the next treatment.
When do you put the most into your work, have your best ideas, and work best with others? Is it when you are angry, fatigued, sore, and tense? Or is it when you feel balanced, clear, relaxed, and appreciated?

But even if you had a good idea to one day treat your staff or colleagues to refreshing and restorative bodywork to help them all feel their best, what would be involved?

Most masseurs would rather you come to see them, pay per treatment, and get out when your time's up. But Sydney Mobile Shiatsu doesn't think this way.

The workplace is an ideal location for treatment.

A number of people with particular issues are together in the one place, and as long as an appropriate treatment room or treatment space is available, up to ten people can be seen to by one practitioner within a standard working day. Obviously, the number of treatments that can be performed changes with the length and depth of treatment sought by the client.

If you go elsewhere to see a shiatsu practitioner for an individual 75 minute treatment, you should expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $110.

With Sydney Mobile Shiatsu, the quality of your treatment is our focus. But the pricing is also your good fortune.

Within about 25 minutes of the CBD, the surcharge is a very low $10. Minimum callout time for a business booking is 2 hours. The business rate is $60 per hour. After 5 hours the rate drops to $50 per hour, with a maximum callout of 7 hours.

Petrol/ travel surcharge +
2-5 hours: $60/hr

6th/7th hour: $50/hr

How time is used is up to the client, but keep in mind that 30 minutes should suffice for a single region (like neck and shoulders), while at least an hour is needed for a full body treatment.

Experience suggests that a good approach is for the hirer to make potential recipients aware of this, then leave them to make requests based on their own needs as they receive treatment.