Sydney Mobile Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu?

What can Shiatsu help?

Who can shiatsu help?

Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork, or massage, technique. The client, fully clothed, is generally treated on a futon laid out on the floor. Treatment can also be given in a seated position or in a chair. The practitioner, depending on the client's needs and limitations, works at varying degrees of intensity using their fingers, hands, elbows, knees, feet, breathing and own bodyweight.

The aim of this work is to restore a sense of balance to the client. This sense, or awareness, is depleted almost every day - through physical injury, high paced lifestyle, work-related stress, bad posture, emotional turbulence, poor diet, lack of sleep, illness, and so on. Our bodies and energetic systems know what it is to feel good and to be in balance, but sometimes need a helping hand, or knee, or elbow.

Under the system of qualification and accreditation for shiatsu therapists in Sydney and across Australia, in addition to our own areas of interest or additonal training we are qualified to give advice on healing foods and therapeutic yoga - simple and effective ways that you can daily improve your state of being after or between direct treatments.

Fully trained and qualified practitioners of shiatsu can confidently work to treat your:

- back, neck, and shoulder distortions and associated pain and difficulties
- headaches, including migraine
- fatigue (physical or otherwise)
- digestive issues
- asthmatic difficulties
- menstrual pain and associated disorders
- addiction-related withdrawal symptoms
- chronic and longstanding health issues
- acute (sudden) disorders
- general pains and injuries

A more readily answered question might be 'what can't Shiatsu help?'

If you are lying on a mountainside, badly injured from a plane crash, I wouldn't recommend Shiatsu. Not immediately anyway. Once the doctors have stabilised your vital signs and the haemmorhaging has stopped, then we could look at doing something.

Shiatsu can be great therapy for anybody and everybody - from the very young to the very old. Computer operators, masseuses, gymnasts, panelbeaters, lawyers, yoga instructors, labourers, marketing managers, exhausted mums,the chronically ill, and the temporarily pained, - to name a few.

And how does Shiatsu feel?

Each treatment can be different from the last - physical, subtle, relaxing, painful or invigorating - but always with the aim that the patient will feel markedly better after a treatment than they did beforehand. This feeling of improvement will last longer than just the rest of the day. Clients usually report feelings of openness, space, lightness, warmth, or simply feeling longer.